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Edgar Stach is the principal of Stach & Klinkhammer Architects, a firm he co-founded with Barbara Klinkhammer in 1995 in Germany and expanded to the USA in 1999. Both Edgar Stach and Barbara Klinkhammer are licensed architects with extensive global experience in city planning, building design, and

high-performance building technologies.

In addition to his architectural practice, Edgar Stach serves as a senior academic and strategic consultant for prominent R&D organizations, academia, and the architecture field. He is recognized as an expert in high-performance buildings and renewable energy technologies. His expertise extends across various continents, contributing to projects in the USA, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.


He collaborates with clients to implement innovative design solutions, generate new product ideas, and establish public-private partnerships. His analytical operational principles provide fresh insights, clarity, and a perspective shaped by extensive experience in the building industry, architecture, and research.


He earned a terminal degree in architecture from RWTH-Aachen, one of Germany's premier research universities, and a Ph.D. (Dr.-Ing.) from TU Braunschweig.



Renzo Piano's museums

The Pritzker laureate Renzo Piano is recognised worldwide as one of the most renowned architects of our time. This publication documents nine museum buildings by Renzo Piano Building Workshop.

  • Thoughtful and analytical documentation of a selection of Renzo Piano's museum buildings

  • The author is an acknowledged expert on Piano’s work

  • With new, uniformly produced drawings

Mies van der Rohe: Space - Material - Detail

Mies Van Der Rohe: Space - Material - Detail by Edgar Stach investigates this question based on 14 projects, with a focus on the choice of detail and material. Specially produced three-dimensional drawings provide an easy-to-understand analysis of Mies construction concepts. The projects include Lange and Esters Houses (1927-1930), Tugendhat House (1928-1930), the Barcelona Pavilion (1928-1929), Farnsworth House (1946-1951), Lake Shore Drive (1948-1951), and the New National Gallery (1962-1968).

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