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Edgar Stach excels at the intersection of design, management, and strategic consultation, showcasing his entrepreneurial focus in architectural project management, industrial product development, and strategic market analysis.

Currently holding a tenured position at Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia, USA, Edgar Stach serves as the founding Director for the Institute for Smart and Healthy Cities. Throughout his career, he has held positions at prestigious institutions such as Bauhaus University Weimar in Germany, TU Delft in the Netherlands, and the University of Tennessee.



Institute for Smart and Healthy Cities

Jefferson’s Institute for Smart and Healthy Cities was created to support the research, innovation and education that is happening across the university focusing on transforming urban environments into smart and healthy cities


Cities Under Climate Threat

In a joint effort, students from Thomas Jefferson University and Università Iuav di Venezia had an opportunity to showcase their projects at the Palazzo Badoer in Venice during the Venice Biennale 2023.

The exhibit was also featured at Design Philadelphia - one of the oldest design festivals in the country. For nearly a decade, Jefferson has been an active participant because we value engagement and understand the transformative power of design



Smart Highrise Studio

Research with emphasis on investigating what the year 2050 could offer towards the urban context. This research was used by studio 09 to help design projects with the possible new changes and technologies of 2050 in mind.

This research would offer a baseline for designing skyscrapers of the future. New technologies and solutions towards our current global problems would also be the leading design considerations. This information allows us to research more deeply within Philadelphia’s Urban Context. In addition, this research drives our Philadelphia map development which is organised based on the topic of research.


Urban Innovation Devices

Working along with the Smart Highrise Studio, students were challenged to further investigate and envision the future of technologies. Researching various devices that assist sustainable and beneficial life-improving qualities for a better future ahead.

Selected student work expresses the many life-improving devices the future could offer.

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