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CBD Media Tower

Schematic design for a green multifunctional high rise.

The proposal for the first eco-friendly high-rise in Beijing is set in the core area of its Central Business District for one of the largest internet and cable TV providers in China.

The multi-functional high-rise combines multiple telecommunication companies in a ‘tower in tower’ concept interconnected by sky gardens and lobbies.


- Edgar Stach,

- Wolf Loebel,

- Ignacio Alonso,

- Yang Liu,

- Yuri Melnichenko

In Association with - RhineScheme


Client VOD ONE 6/2010

Partner: Rhinescheme

image 1.2.png

Height: 288m

Gross Floor Area: 180,000 qm

Location: 3rd Ring Road Central Media District, Beijing, China.


The Eco concept combines natural ventilation and cooling and passive heating through a double-skin façade and sky gardens, ground cooling and stack ventilation, sun tracking photo voltaic panels embedded within the outer building envelope, electro-chromic glass for sun shading.

Program spaces on the first 6 floors are a subterranean parking garage, retail, cinemas, and restaurant components within the first six floors.


Floors 7-64 are mainly office spaces provided for the various companies, separated by green atrium spaces programmed for restaurants, and relaxation conferences etc., a sky garden with restaurants and shops on the rooftop will be open to the public.

The LED multi-media façade within the inner office envelope will be the social interface between the public and shows live chats, videos, images and news.

Structural Concept
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