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The Nam June Paik Museum

The Kyonggi Cultural Foundation launched an international ideas competition for the design of a museum devoted to the work of the artist Nam June Paik, the media artist who broke new ground for contemporary art.

The future museum should house the artist’s collections and offer an environment for his future creative activities.


Kyonggi / South Korea


Kyonggi Cultural Foundation



Gross Floor Area:

5,000 m²

Design Team:

- Prof. Edgar Stach 

- Chang Yang

- Jason Brown

In Association with - RhineScheme

Design Concept:

The concept for this design emerged from the spirit and structure of Nam June Paik’s sculptures and art objects. The idea of circuitry is at the core of this project and building program. The design parallels the surface and architecture of a microchip, but more importantly it is influenced by Paik’s own methodology of mechanically adjusting video circuitry to produce abstract electronic patterns and images.


Transformation of Topography


Transformation of Space

The Folded Landscape

The contours of the surrounding landscape influenced the architectural design. Movement and fluidity unite both interior and exterior spaces. Again, the design team was inspired by Paik’s philosophy of creating “multi-temporal and multi-spatial”              experiences through art.

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