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La Academia Bridge

The design for the La Acedemia Bridge is a light-weight, membrane construction of a transparent “roof cloud” over a free-plan geometry. Interior and exterior space blends together into a spatial and functional continuity.
The bridge and the museum interact within the cloud. The structure creates a dynamic image that allows for constant changes in season and time. The bridge becomes an intangible object that hovers above the grand canal.


La Academia Bridge Museum, Venice

Designed for:

Urban Design Competition VENICE 2006

International Idea Competition 



Design Team:

- Edgar Stach

- Craig Reschke

- David Scott


Design Concept:

  • The form changes from a translucent object during the day to a lantern object at night.

  • The structural system is optimized as an irregular spatial structure of intersecting steel tubes.

  • These generate a cocoon-like spatial framework in the form of a ‘roof cloud‘.

Take a closer look at the Transition

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